A Unique Limited Edition Picture of the Rebbe
from Yud Shevat, 5733 is now available for purchase on Canvas.

The picture is very unique and resonates the feeling of “Ayekah?”
Where are you holding in life? What have you achieved today? Are you giving me Nachas?

The picture is available for viewing at The Chassidic Art Institute at 375 Kingston Ave
and will be available for pickup by the kinus for advanced orders.

( Picture quality has been reduced for website and CHAI has
been added as a watermark due to copyright.)

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 Full Color: 
Fabrengen Florida Color2.jpg
Fabrengen Florida BW2.jpg
Fabrengen Florida mix2.jpg
Fabrengen Florida Sepia2.jpg

Size Unframed on Canvas Framed
      16 x 20       $240  $350
 20 x 25  $400  $525
 24 x 30  $500  $675
 30 x 38  $770  $1000
 40 x 50  $1000  $1400

 *The pricing listed does not include shipping of $28.99

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This is to verify that this limited edition image is made from the original negative by Yakov Kopel Goldberg  who owns the copyright. The picture was resotred and prepared by the Chassidic Art Institute using  the highest printing standards and materials.  

Any illegal reproduction or dissemination of this picture (the rights  are owned by Y. Goldberg) which belongs exclusively to Rohr Bais Chaya will be prosectued to the fullest extent of the law.