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Alumnae Survey

Alumnae Survey

Dear Alumnae,

RBCA is in the process of  accreditation and we need your help! Please fill out the survey below.

Name (optional) 
Year Graduated 

Please  choose from the drop box and rate our school. 5 is the highest/best. 

THE ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY EDUCATE CHILDREN EFFECTIVELY:                                                                                                                        
1. The policies and procedures which govern the school are effective  

2. The administration understands and is responsive to the needs of students

3.  Discipline policies within the school are even, fair and effective

4. The administration fosters a culture of cooperation and camaraderie among students

5. The faculty is well prepared and their teaching methods are effective

6. The faculty  encourages and cultivates the academic development of all students 

7. The faculty cares about and fosters the personal development of students


8. The principles and procedures which govern the the school are effective

9. The curriculum is carefully designed to meet the needs of all students

10. The school generally meets its educational objectives

11. The school has created a positive learning environment for students

 12. There is effective guidance for teachers as maximize their effectiveness

13. The curriculum allows for creativity and individualization

14. In service training opportunities are meaningful and effective


15. The school is well organized and properly disciplined environment

16. The administration has instituted policies which foster the industriousness and creativity of the students

17. The school provides appropriate support services for students

18.  The school's educational administration is responsive to the needs of students

19. The school provides appropriate social and religious counseling to students

20. The school provides appropriate extra curricular activities for students

21. The school provides meaningful religious activities and events


22. The student assessment is used to foster student development and growth

23: Excellence is recognized and rewarded

24. Effort is recognized and rewarded

25. Creativity is recognized and rewarded

 26. The faculty is encouraged to inspire student's personal and religious growth

27. The faculty inspires student's to maximize the use of their talents and abilities


Thank you! 


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